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In addition, customers must be able to  at any time, using . Your database (CRM tool) allows you to retrieve the contact details of your contacts. It is also possible to use a marketing automation tool to automatically scroll through your customers’ email addresses. This is a legal process since the software only collects data already present on the internet. Thus, you build a file of qualified prospects, thanks to the targeting parameters. You increase your chances of getting a better return on investment and achieving a more profitable email marketing campaign. Segment prospects In order to offer personalized emails that perfectly meet the expectations of your customers, it is essential to segment the email addresses of your contacts.  expects the same messages, because they do not have the same objectives. Thus, creating lists based on different criteria helps to identify what type of email marketing to send them.

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Email marketing For example, categorize emails based on: The size of the company; Its sector of activity; Its geographical area; Its general condition (in full development, in financial difficulties, etc.); The number of visits to your website. Lead scoring is an ingenious marketing method that consists of classifying prospects by assigning them a Georgia WhatsApp Number List score. Depending on their actions or inactions, they get or lose points. This allows you to understand where the customer is in the buying journey and adapt your speech to their situation. Find out here how to establish an effective lead scoring strategy ! Want to know how to write an effective marketing email from A to Z? Don’t move, we’ll explain that to you in a moment! Ensuring email deliverability For your e-mails to be read,  up in spam! This is the basis of a successful email marketing campaign.

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There are therefore some technical aspects to know and master. For example, certain words and phrases should be banned from the subject line as well as the body of email marketing. This is the case of “promotion”, “reduction”, “urgent”, “free”, etc. Completing the DKIM helps fight identity theft and phishing. It is a standard that assures your recipient that you are a trusted user. To complete the DKIM, you must add to each outgoing email, a signature consisting of a list of “key = value”. Configuring the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) on your domain name also helps avoid spam. Indeed, the server that receives the email checks the consistency between the domain name and the email sent. Maintaining a good balance between text and visuals is Text Services essential, because an overly heavy email that takes more than 3 seconds to load is often deleted by messaging. Design responsive emails Worldwide, 54% of internet traffic happens on mobile! Creating emailing campaigns with mobile friendly emails has therefore become mandatory . Thus, make sure that your content adapts perfectly according to the different devices used.

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