All Information is on One Page Irrelevant Content

If a Contextual Ad Says One Thing. But Your Website Offers Something. Completely Different, Users Perceive. It as Fraud and Misleading. In Such a Situation, the Page. Is Closed After Almost a Few Seconds.

Low Website Quality
Often, Novice Webmasters Create the First Page. Of the Website Qualitatively, but Neglect. The Rest – the Home Page. Has a Low Bounce Rate, but the Rest Are Very High.

As a result, the search engine rates the entire resource lower. Sometimes the problem is the incorrect design of the website, the lack of readability of the interface, irritating images or colors – everything that prevents the user from finding the necessary information.

What bounce rate is normal

Technical problems
The server may be down, analysis scripts may fail. It is necessary Ws Database to regularly check the technical condition of the resource and the correctness of the codes.

No mobile version
If your website is only designed for desktop, mobile users won’t be able to use it conveniently. In this case, they will go to a competitor that offers a version for tablets and smartphones.

Most errors can be quickly fixed and thus improve the bounce rate. However, the most difficult issues, such as poor content quality, poor design or low usability, require a lot of work, and often also the employment of professional marketers and UX designers.

Technical Problems the Server May Be Down

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More organic traffic – a short guide to using URLs
If one of your main goals is to increase website traffic, you must follow Text services Google’s requirements. You already know what an image URL is , now it’s time to read a set of tips on the rules for constructing unique addresses.

Rule number 1. The simpler, the better. Remember that the address structure cannot be convoluted and complicated. It turns out to be more valuable to use words that match the website’s profile.

Rule number 5. Treat dates and figures as unnecessary. As a rule, such links are longer and, as a result, they need to be manually modified during updates.

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