Always prepay next month’s limit

Don’t be fooled by the word free gift. Be a smart consumer! When I was shopping. I saw that I could get a plate for free when I bought two bottles of sauce. I just bought two bottles and felt that I had made a profit. However, I didn’t expect. That I lived alone and rarely cooked. I didn’t know when I could use up the two bottles of sauce. Finally, the sauce expired and needed to be thrown away. Isn’t it a waste of money? If it is something that will not expire or has a long durability and can be used. t is a profit. such as toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.


Buy more discounts

I only wanted to buy a facial cleanser, but because Switzerland Phone Number List I was told that there was a discount for spending over RM200, I had to find some other products in the store to make up the number. This is unnecessary consumption. Just buy what you need to buy, and don’t always be lured by others’ persuasion and buy unnecessary items.

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 Treat for Face


Many people in the workplace are willing to treat others to meals and pay for them in order to save face or to please others. This habit also adds an invisible expense to you. Occasional or reasonable treats are a way to maintain interpersonal relationships, but treating without restraint will only hurt your wallet and let others take advantage! The so-called reasonable is for Albania Phone Number List example, colleague A helped you a lot, the boss gave you a lot of guidance and suggestions on work, etc.

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