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Many workers feel like they are in class when they attend meetings at the company. In class, they are afraid of being called by the teacher to answer questions. In the company. they are afraid of being called by the boss to report. However. If you are frequently called by the boss to answer questions. Then don’t think you are doomed. This may be the boss giving you a chance to show yourself. If you can answer questions fluently. show your strength. And win the favor of everyone, then you will be promoted soon.


Allow you to attend training or important occasions


If the company asks you to attend a training Peru Phone Number List course, don’t think that the company thinks you are not good enough. It may be that the boss wants you to take a key position and wants you to improve yourself. In addition, if the boss asks you to accompany him to important occasions, such as meetings, dinners, etc., it may also be a signal that he wants to promote you. Don’t be afraid of stage fright or afraid of getting along with the boss and want to escape.

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The difficulty of work has increased and the requirements have also increased


If your work becomes more difficult, it may be because your boss wants to train you and is ready to let you take on the responsibility. The company will increase the difficulty of your work only if it has expectations of you. After all, your boss will not let you take charge of something you cannot handle. Therefore, your boss will raise the requirements of you only if he has expectations Argentina Phone Number List of you, in order to test whether you have enough ability to face the challenges of your work.

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