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Related How to Come Up with an Elevator Pitch Back to Top Understanding the Potential of Ideas You have a dream you’re pursuing, and by pursuing it, you’re making the world more in tune with your ideas. While dreams are limitless, it’s important to understand the reasonable scale of possible impact and who else will be on the journey with you. Do basic research on market size How big is the potential market or potential impact? While it’s tempting and tempting to say that this is something everyone needs, that may or may not be true. clean water? Yes, everyone needs it. Left-handed harmonica tuned to a minor key? You might like them, but you’ll need to do some sizing research to understand the actual size of the market.

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You don’t need to be a designer. Stick figures taken with your phone, pencil sketches, doodles on a whiteboard, or notepads? These are tools you can use to capture the essence of the dream you’re fighting for, and tools you can use to communicate with others. An interesting side effect is that if you sketch out a vision for multiple you will also have a nice timeline Iran WhatsApp Number List of concept evolution timelined. I personally found resources such as this book to be very helpful at this stage of the journey. It takes a layman’s approach to visual communication that anyone can fully understand, regardless of one’s perception of one’s own artistic talent. Create a cover story designer and writer, and document an excellent business game called . It is an invaluable tool for stages.

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That’s how cover stories work. It is now a year later. Which magazine (or media site) should feature your dream on the cover? If you’re a technologist, it’s probably similar. If you’re in a more general business, it might be or . If you’re an interior designer, that probably is. If your dream involves food, it probably is. you understood. Once you’ve decided which Text Services magazine cover you’re going to be on for a year, sketch out that cover. What photos will they use? What are pull quotes? What are the three main points they want to emphasize? Picture what the success and ascension of the dream looks like, capture it in your mind, and sketch what the cover will look like.


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