Disadvantages of Blog submission sites

The social media expert Guy Kawasaki started this site. It is one of the most well-known blog submission sites as it helps bring more exposure and quality links to your website. It has all the categories starting from education, technology, marketing, fitness, and much more. In whichever niche you write, you would easily find a relevant topic to submit to your blog for free. Try and write attention-seeking headlines so that more and more people visit your blog. For example, pay less and get more, limited offers, etc.

How to Create a Blog with Minimum Investment

This one is the oldest and most renowned business lead blog submission site. This site is the largest of others; it began a decade ago and had more than 100,000 registered users. The results that bloggers get from this website are incredible. On Top List It is another excellent blog submission site. On this site, you would be able to find a lot of technical information, business pages, and websites related to blogging from Blog Flux Many people opt for this website as it has a great reputation for increasing traffic to the blog. More than 1 50,000 blogs are featured on this website from various categories such as education, fitness, health, travel, and many more.

Blog Disadvantages of Blog Hub

It is one of the largest Indian blogger communities, and Text Services registering with them can be of huge benefit. If you are an Indian and wish to submit your blogs for free, this can be a perfect blog submission site. Once you are registered on Indiblogger, you would see that there are thousands of Indian bloggers there posting on different niches. You can also connect with them as it can help your site/blog gain more popularity.

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