Drinks are indispensable at all times

If you don’t like cooking and always order takeout, the cost must be high. The price of takeout includes labor costs, water and coal costs, profit and other expenses. Compared with buying ingredients and cooking by yourself, it must be a loss. The advantage of cooking by yourself is that you can prepare ingredients according to your budget and appetite, and it is also good for your health.


 Drinks are indispensable at all times


Order a cup of milk tea on a hot day, buy a Egypt Phone Number List cup when you are bored at work, buy a cup when you are attracted by something when shopping, and order a cup of coffee at a well-known chain store every morning. You habitually spend money on drinks. The price of a cup is more than RM10. You spend a lot of money unknowingly. Can you think about it, sometimes you don’t have to buy such expensive drinks? Maybe you can make some tea yourself, or buy it at a coffee shop? Or you don’t need to order drinks at all, just bring your own water bottle?

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If you don’t save on the big things


Don’t save what you should save, and save what you shouldn’t save. Many people would rather starve and eat three meals a day, thinking that this way they can save food money and save more money. Little do they know that their monthly food expenses are only a small part of the total, and the real big expenses are those brand-name bags, brand-name clothes, cosmetics, technology products and other such consumption. At the same time, when you want to save money and have an unbalanced diet, go on a Algeria Phone Number List diet, and eat biscuits to fill your stomach, you may spend more money on medical expenses in the future.

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