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Most brands only focus on how Google ranks their assets. However, some specialists are looking for other tools to improve the positioning of their websites.

One of the most popular is Moz Page Rank . Of course, this doesn’t mean that PageRank isn’t important. However, it is worth combining data from different sources to better optimize your website and obtain more accurate results. So what is Moz and what can it tell you about your website?

Moz Rank is a tool from SeoMoz used to effectively determine the value of a website in search engine rankings. The scale starts from 0.00 (no value) to 9.99 (high value) and depends on the backlinks and their quality. Good sites with lots of backlinks therefore have a high MozRank. In this respect, the indicator is an analogue of PageRank from Google.

What is Moz Rank Why use Moz Rank

To check your website’s MozRank, you need to use the Open Site Explorer suite. In addition to analyzing incoming links, you can also evaluate other parameters:

Given that PageRank is Google’s own system, the internet giant Whatsapp Database does not rank pages based on MozRank . So how did this metric become so important? Does it make sense to create a website with a high MozRank in mind? Here are some of its benefits that brands are taking into account:

acts as an indicator of link authority – although search engines do not use MozRank to rank sites, they rely heavily on link authority, and this is one of the indicators that Moz Site Rank represents.

Moz and Domain Authority Domain Authority

Ideal for analyzing competition – MozRank can also be used to compare competitor Text services websites and thus obtain ideas for planning SEO strategies;

will show you who is linking to your competitors – knowing where your competitors get their links from is one of the most interesting aspects of the Moz tool – especially if there are high-authority links among them;
is the perfect SEO guide.

MozRank has a good reputation in the SEO community for its accuracy. In this sense, it is also an ideal guide to positioning strategies.

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