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 Why do some marketers prefer ua to ga4? Many marketers have already become aware of the limitations and user interface changes in ga4. Let’s have a look at some of the main issues. Become a world class digital marketer 1. “limite” views and conversions because views aren’t supporte anymore. You’re limite to 30 conversions (formerly goals in ua). Which for big websites can be a problem. The good news is that ga4 supports up to 500 custom events. And each event can be analyze separately (for conversion rates. For example). But if you plan to use them in google ads as conversions.  You can find out how many sessions you had from organic search in a particular month: typing a question in ga4 typing a question in ga4 why is ua better (or ga4 worse)?

Why do some marketers prefer ua to ga4

 Urls should be easy to read and understand and as short as possible.  important to include keywords in your urls. These are calle “meta tags”. They tell search engines what the content of your page is about. Search engines scan the url and use the keywords in the url to decide where the page should rank in serps. You can also use a navigational tool like special data breadcrumbs to help website visitors retrace their previous steps and return to where they starte. You can add them using markup tags or via javascript to boost seo.

Missing annotations annotations were an important part of ua

Missing annotations annotations were an important part of ua as it allowe you to make notes of when changes were done to the website and ga. These haven’t yet been Text Services ga4 interface. 4. Ga4 is slow to process traffic because it takes up to 72 hours for traffic to be processe. You can’t analyze data for the last few days as quickly as in ua. Plus. Thresholds are applie to events. In order to get accurate data you will have to link to bigquery and continuously export data and run reports (paid). Bigquery is google’s data warehouse which uses sql queries to pull data. So an additional skill set will be require to extract and interpret historical data from your ga4.

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