In the next paragraphs we will extricate ourselves

Where learning objectives are clear and defin by achieve the so-call learning objectives . The term elearning is often combin with other terms. Such as vle ( virtual learning environment). Lms (learning management system). Id ( i nstructional design ) and authoring tools. In the next paragraphs we will extricate ourselves between these acronyms. Distance learning. Fad. Synchronous and asynchronous. Distance learning makes it possible to learn new skills through e-learning activities such as. The use of a video tutorial. The administration of an online quiz.

The virtual environment where participants


 Lms. Learning management system in the asia email list elearning world after having establish what the learning objectives are. I.e. The learning objectives that participants in distance learning courses (more or less asynchronous) must achieve. It is important to understand in which virtual environment (talking about elearning) they must be carri out. The virtual environment where participants. Trainers and human resources managers converge is a vle. Virtual learning environment. Going into detail. A vle can be an elearning platform where distance learning contents are distribut . This type of e-learning platform is call lms .

Difference between lms and lcms some lms platforms


 Learning management system. In an lms platform. Distance learning participants find course materials. Such as Text Services  pdf files and video lessons. Can track their progress. Answer quizzes and tests and update their skills. Human resources managers in companies use lms platforms to provide online training and monitor employee progress. Difference between lms and lcms some lms platforms . Learning management system. Are not limit only to the distribution of e-learning contents but are also capable of creating content. Let’s talk about lcms . Learning content management system.

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