In these cases having hosting that lasts

We can also help you with speed with managed and ready-made wordpress hosting to improve page loading times with default cache, http/2 and keep alive. For the rest, if you want to create good landing pages you need to know what’s new in elementor 3.12. Minimum wordpress version required minimum wordpress version required creation of mega menus with widgets loop alternate template for elementor choose and align your custom icons helpful performance improvements.

Now the minimum limit has been

Previously you needed at least wordpress 5.0 to use elementor. A rather business email list basic version which however gave everyone the opportunity to use this plugin. What changes with the update? Now the minimum limit has been raised to wordpress 5.9. So make sure you have a cms in line with the new needs if you update the plugin. In these cases having hosting that lasts for automatic updates like that of serverplan can help you. In any case, especially if you have to update different versions of the.  I always recommend making a security backup.

Creation of mega menus with

Creation of mega menus with widgets. What’s new Text services in elementor 3.12 includes a new widget that will allow you to create mega menus with visual support and without the need to work on the code. That is, more complex and detailed navigation experiences than simple links on a bar. Thanks to the elementor update, you can create an expandable window that allows you to view more content than links, such as an image

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