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One of the cornerstones of digital marketing strategy for insurance companies is content marketing. The purpose of the content is to answer customers’ questions throughout the purchasing process. Use content types in different formats, such as blog posts, social media posts, videos, infographics, and podcasts.

Content marketing examples and statistics for insurance companies:

Blog Posts:

According to HubSpot , when businesses blog regularly, they get 55% more site visitors and 97% more inbound links (backlinks). Blog posts Switzerland Phone Number List are an important type of content that showcases your insurance company’s knowledge and expertise. As an insurance company, you can create articles that answer customers’ most frequently asked questions, describe different types of insurance, and explain what to look for when buying insurance.

Social Media Posts:

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According to Sprout Social , 47% of consumers are influenced by brands’ purchasing decisions based on their social media interactions.  social media posts to engage with their target audience, promote their brand and build trust. You can provide information and build trust with your consumers by sharing insurance tips and advice on your social media accounts.

  • Remember that creating original, engaging content can help you reach people outside of your current follower base. As part of i Text Services ts link-free distribution system, Instagram uses signals such as content engagement, account popularity, and user preferences to embed suggested posts into users’ streams.
  • Focus on collecting and capitalizing on feedback as you grow your brand and convert customers. Don’t just file after responding to customer reviews and reviews. Share them with your Instagram audience and let your customers speak their own words. You know that the vast majority of customers read reviews before buying and trust them as much as personal advice.
  • And while detailed reviews certainly appeal to potential customers, not every reference has to be completely serious. For example, the @trendyolcom post below includes a customer review. This is a short and sweet and funny comment. A great example of content to get engagement and encourage people to make similar comments.

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