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It’s just one of the funniest songs ever written. Doing a bird-like falsetto and a lion-like growl and just singing your heart out. If you could list anyone’s better dance song from the past year you’d be a lot better than me. Holding up a metal sign on stage in Belgium. Photo courtesy Okay To End is a song that has been stuck in my head since it was released on . . The song sounds like some weird soundtrack to billions of years of seismic activity or something.


I mean it’s epic

But perhaps what I really like is Björk’s Guangdong Mobile Number List insistence in this song that the emotional landscape is just as vast and endless as the physical one. We know without thinking too much that how we feel matters. When we notice this fact we mostly ignore it or think we are too emotional or something. In the best songs emotion is the cornerstone. They are related to everything. They are important and important.Nice to be reminded. More TV and Movies from Portofino Hotel Reviews New Masterpieces Containing Drama, Suspense and Escapism

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