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Are your email campaigns generating little or no results? Not sure how to design emails that convert? Imagine, a high opening rate and above all,’ve never seen! Discover our advice to take advantage of the benefits of email marketing ! Email marketing, how to make your emailing campaigns successful? Email marketing, definition A marketing email is an email written and sent to several prospects, in order to inform theent of email marketing is 3 times higher than campaigns on social networks! picture A 50X more effective LinkedIn™ profile Download my Checklist for freeAnd receive the Prospecting Training offered by email First name free. I accept the privacy policy . No spam.  of email marketing? From prospecting to conversion, to loyalty, sending marketing emails occurs at each stage of the sales cycle.

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Much more than just digital content, e-mail is a marketing medium widely used in btob. Indeed, even customers who are not comfortable with digital tools appreciate receiving and reading their emails, especially when they are written especially for them! Email marketing is a communication channel that allows you to present your products, your  services and your company to the contacts present in your database. The goal is not just to France WhatsApp Number List promote  advice to make you known as a leader to follow. Thus, the weekly newsletter is part of your communication plan . ideas and information related to your news. New product, new blog article, new tool, present your new products to your contacts and the benefits they can bring to everyone.

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The personalization of emails is an excellent way to perfect the relationship and the customer experience. By proposing content, offers or information adapted to each company, you support them individually so that they gain in performance and efficiency. FREE TRAINING VIDEO Discover how to attract 1, 2, 5, 10 additional customers per month in a simple, regular and effortless way How to succeed in your emailing campaign? Collect emails Text Services legally To launch an e-mailing campaign, the first thing to do is of course to collect email addresses. However, it is also about complying with the GDPR law ! This consists of protecting the personal data of Internet users. Thus, to send emails legally, the recipients must give their consent in advance. For example, they registered themselves to receive your news.

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