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Guilherme, CEO of Orgânica, also gave his vision about the profession: Guilherme de Bortoli, CEO of Orgânica“A good Digital Marketing analyst nes to know how to solve problems, as he is the one who puts strategic planning into practice and ensures that the expect results are achiev. ” Guilherme de Bortoli CEO – Organic Digital You had an idea, right? But, so you understand a little better, I will separate the assignments into topics. Check out: To analyze Starting with the obvious, the Digital Marketing analyst nes to be constantly analyzing the market, competitors, trends and opportunities.

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 This information will serve as the basis for creating the company’s strategic planning . Digital Marketing Planning eBook for your company! to plan After the analyst has studi extensively and obtain all the data he deems relevant, he helps define the persona and plan the actions of the Digital Marketing campaign . Complete guide to creating your Buyer Persona’s Purchasing Journey He will also be responsible for delegating team functions , which is why this professional nes to know a little about everything. After all, even if he doesn’t perform special data all the tasks, he constantly talks to designers, social mia, writers, traffic managers , sales executives , among many other professionals.

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 To develop Defin persona and assign roles? It’s time for the Digital Marketing analyst to put the plan into action ! To monitor Some issues he nes to monitor are: Are social networks engaging? Is the content well design and deliver on time? What are customers saying about the company? Is the internal team having difficulty at any stage of planning? Measure Analyze whether the key performance Text Services indicators (KPIs) are good, whether the campaign results are in line with what was expect and whether.

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