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Marketing calculations GOOGLE THE AGENCY GOOGLE THE NETWORK Google The Agency is a global advertising agency that offers services relat to internet marketing, website development and social mia advertising. The company was found in and since then has become one of the most respect brands in the industry. Google The Network is a network of partners of Google The Agency, which focuses on the creation and promotion of online content. This network focuses on creating content that is attractive to users and helps build a brand. Google The Network partners offer services such as website development, website positioning , SEO optimization and social mia advertising.

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HOW TO USE GOOGLE ADS TO INCREASE WEBSITE TRAFFIC Google Ads is an advertising tool that allows you to effectively increase website Jordan Mobile Database traffic. Thanks to it, you can reach a wide audience and encourage them to visit your website. In order to effectively use Google Ads, you must first define the target group, i.e. people who will be most interest in the offer content or product. Next, you ne to create attractive and eye-catching advertising text and choose the right keywords that will make your ad visible in search results. The next step is to determine the advertising budget and set the rates per click (CPC.

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After these steps, you can run the ads and observe their effects. HOW TO USE GOOGLE ANALYTICS TO MONITOR AND OPTIMIZE ADVERTISING Text Services CAMPAIGNS Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to monitor and optimize advertising campaigns. It allows you to track all your marketing activities such as search engine advertising, social mia advertising, email marketing, and more. This tool allows you to collect data on website traffic, as well as information on how users visit the website and what actions they take.

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