Maverick allows you to have a custom

Announce also offers different integration options and thanks to these options, it can be integrated into different digital marketing tools . There is a free trial package for 14 days. After a 14-day trial, you can continue using the program by purchasing one of its packages, starting at 99 USD per month. is a video editing tool

that lets you create short videos from long videos instantly. Using, you can add video Captions, repurpose your video content, resize and crop your video. Artificial intelligence Brazil Phone Number List can automatically create video segments from your long video for you. It currently only supports English language. In the free version, you can upload 75 minutes of video per month.

An artificial intelligence application called

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interaction with each customer using AI-generated videos.

These customized Text Services videos help you take a customer-facing approach to marketing, thereby building a closer relationship with your customers.

The working principle of Maverick is quite simple. First, you record the basic video that you want to customize. Then you record yourself reading a quick 15-minute script, allowing Maverick to personalize your base video using your voice. Finally, you integrate Maverick with your CRM system for your customers to whom you want to send a personalized video.

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