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the total scoreLet’s say you assign points for influence, points for confidence, and points for ease to a feasible change. The score is . Finally, each change is ranked according to the score. Changes with the highest number are the ones you should focus on first. As you continue to collect feedback over time, score each new potential change as it comes onto your radar and put it on your list. It’s not uncommon for low-score changes to be at the bottom of the list for long periods of time. Don’t delete them in case you have the time one day every little improvement counts but always focus on the high-scoring changes because they create the most value.

Step  Implement Your Changes Once you

Before implementing a change. It’s important to measure it before and after. For example, if you think a more generous returns policy would improve the customer experience, it would be wise to survey customers specifically Tunisia WhatsApp Number List about your current policy. Then after the change, survey them again (a few months later) to find out how they feel about their new life. By measuring sentiment before and after a change, you’ll know if your change is having a real impact. Use this information to re-evaluate any other potential changes you have made and influence your future improvements.

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The generous return policy your customers want

Additional changes can be tested in real time using tests (sometimes called split tests). This process shows a portion of your traffic different variations of a website element to quickly gauge whether a change is more effective. Testing is great for testing just about anything that affects user behavior, such as: Headlines and subheadings Body text Testimonials, social proof, and reviews Calls to action buttons and copywriting Images and colors Text Services Site structure and navigation.  To start testing your store use  or tools.

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