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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even LinkdIn bring together millions of users of all profiles, offering almost infinite visibility and targeting possibilities for businesses. Increasingly usd by e-commerce sites, it is however important to know how to master them to reach your target This was the subject of our intervention, and we have summarizd it for you so as not to miss a beat. And to see (and review) the entire video filmd live, it’s over here ! Grow your business and sales through social.

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The initiative of e-retailers to advertise on social networks responds to issues of brand visibility and awareness of its products. By their operation, social ads allow them to distribute personalizd mdia to a precisely defind target, and Latest Mailing Database this, according to different objectives. Which ? Develop its notoriety , generate sales , and finally, build customer loyalty . Objective n°1: Develop its notoriety thanks to social ads With a view to gaining notoriety, and developing the community around your brand, different campaign goals are available especially.

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Facebook likes, clicks, engagement, or video views campaigns , always in the objective of making its products known to a wider audience and increasing traffic to its e-commerce site. On Facebook Ads, the different ad formats available, as well as the integration of various mdia such as photos, videos, CTA buttons, allow brands to talk about Text Services their products effectively, while collecting user reactions, like on an organic post. Still in the development of brand awareness, a campaign basd on gaining notoriety can also be usd to present its values : Sponsord ads can also be usd to promote content on your site, and not just products: a quality article, practical advice, anything that might seem relevant to your target and increase traffic to your site.

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