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Package of goal – the organization is treat as a living being that is constantly learning and developing. Self-organization – the sense of responsibility of each team member, managing their tasks on their own terms. Effectiveness is largely dependent on interpersonal relationships at work Transparency sharing information regarding the company’s financial and business situation with all employees. Advantages and disadvantages of the turquoise management model To sum up what was mention earlier. The advantages of turquoise organizations are primarily: Better understanding and identification with the company’s goals and mission Friendly atmosphere in the workplace; Greater employee involvement; Opportunity to develop your ideas.

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Also has some disadvantages that are worth keeping in mind: Implementing an organization into. A completely new management model is very time-consuming; Employees’ reluctance to change; Decreas employee efficiency. How to implement turquoise management into your strategy? There are many opportunities to apply good practices to improve the philippines photo editor overall organization every day. It in practice and verify whether your company is ready for this big step and a complete change in the approach to running a business. By systematically cultivating everyday practices and behaviors such as openness to new ideas and efficient problem solving. The operational effectiveness of the business increases significantly.

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Turns out to be a solution worth considering and applying to your activities. Do you want to find out what other people management styles are and choose the most suitable one for your team? Read this article! Share with others: Up Previous article Failure to Text Services submit the declaration or late submission of the declaration and the amount of the health insurance contribution – Polish Lad Next article Annual health insurance contribution basis Clausisclaimer on ifirma.

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