Posting more doesn’t affect reach 

TikTok says the amount of video you post doesn’t affect how your content is recommended in its “for you” stream. So, theoretically, if all your videos were hits, you could dominate the “For You” stream by uploading lots of videos – although this also shows that engagement with your past content isn’t a major factor in future reach.

Watch Times Matter – TikTok also says that watch time affects how a video is recommended, “so that it provides watchable, shareable content to grab viewers’

Attention early on and sustain that interest from start to finish.

These are points similar to algorithms in other applications. That is, the more engaging your content is among your first viewers, the better it will perform. However, TikTok’s algorithm is much more Singapore Phone Number List successful than other social networks at taking into account a range of factors and considerations and showing users more specific content that matches their interests. For this reason, it is important to know your target audience well in your content.

Additional Notes:
  • Videos under 30 seconds work best.
  • Subtitles are helpful. But do not add more than 5-10 words per second.
  • Showing products in use will increase credibility and engagement.

Also, pay attention to the safe zones for your videos. So avoid putting important details where they might be hidden by the app’s UI buttons:

The main thing you need to pay attention to in order

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To gain efficiency from TikTok content marketing is to be creative and put together interesting videos based on the framework mentioned above. This is of course not easy. Creating TikTok-specific content and campaigns takes time and practice. You should also browse through the ad library and examine what your competitors and different advertisers are doing.

This is the part where many people fail. Social media marketing is a skill and whil Text Services e anyone can post a video online, getting really good at it takes learning and patience. There’s a reason so few YouTubers are big stars even though they all post similar content. Attention to detail is the difference between good and great, and the more time you spend testing and learning, the better you will be.

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