Teens are much more likely to use social

Instead of scrolling through Google’s long list of results, they look to social platforms for travel tips, recipes and news. Forty percent of 18- to 24-year-olds now use social media as their primary Teens are much more likely to use social search engine, according to an internal study by Google. In September 2022 , The New York Times even declared it to be “TikTok’s New Search Engine for Generation Z.”

In this case, search optimization for social media emerges as a new skill that needs to be acquired for marketers.

Let’s stick with the data and take a closer look at how and for whom search behavior differs across social media and search engines. Here are three facts backed up by our own data.

When it comes to shopping, more people under the age of 25 are turning to social media to research and El-Salvador Phone Number List evaluate brands.

And the benefit of social media for marketing goes far beyond advertising. Generation Z uses social media more than search engines to evaluate products. Compare prices between competing brands, and decide where to spend their money.

to discovery, search engines and TV are still ahead

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Frankly, after seeing all this data, we would be making Text Services a mistake if we shifted our focus to social media.

The Domination of Social Search is Just Getting Started

The transition of search from the web to the social will be long and generational. For the vast majority of people, Google is still one of the main ways to learn about your business. So don’t get too caught up in the headlines about the impending demise of Google search.

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