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Indeed with the name of the sender and the pre-header, the subject is the only information visible to the recipients before they decide to open it. To make a difference, the subject of an email must be short and catchy. Indeed, your prospects receive dozens of emails a day, so as not to land directly in their basket, capture their attention and stand out. email marketing Here are some tips for boosting your email subject lines: Provide a short text:  is visible on computer as on mobile, do not exceed 35 characters! If your activity allows it, placing an emoji at the beginning of the object helps to catch  out better.

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Personalizing the object can increase the opening rate by 22% ! It’s a terribly effective marketing method to get recipients to relate to your content and click! In an email marketing campaign, personalizing the object consists, for example, of inserting the prospect ‘s first name using a [first name] tag. But it can also be his city, his age group or information relating to his work. To find more advice and examples of email subject lines, discover our article dedicated to this subject here ! The pre header The pre-header contributes to obtaining a good or bad Greece WhatsApp Number List opening rate. This is the small line below the email subject. Thus the name of the sender, the subject and the pre-header are the 3 pieces of information visible before opening it. They are the ones who influence prospects to open or delete the content. Taking care of your pre-header is simply setting the context, informing the recipients of e-mail. In a mobile inbox, a third line is dedicated to the pre-header, below the subject line while on desktop, it is sometimes directly after it.

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So the pre-header of email marketing must also be short and effective. The content of the email Writing the body of email marketing relies on copywriting techniques. This is the set of marketing methods that allow prospects to make a decision after reading the content. Using copywriting makes it possible to obtain relevant messages that capture the reader’s attention and encourage them to continue reading. Take inspiration from the AIDA structure to write your marketing email: Warning: Personalization remains a key factor that influences both the Text Services opening rate of the email and the customer conversion rate. In fact, according to a recent study, 51% of customers are ready to spend more if a company offers them a personalized offer! Thus, to obtain an interesting return on investment, email marketing must have attractive and 100% individual content.

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