The Future of Shopping Second-Hand Products

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 The Rise of Re commerce (Recommence)

Buying second-hand stores and used products is a tradition that has continued from the past to the present. But now, this e-commerce model, called recommerce, which covers both refurbished and second-hand product sales, is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world, thanks to the trend towards a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. In this article, we will present what re-trading is, how it works, and important statistics. If you are ready, let’s step into the rising trends of second-hand sales in e-commerce together.

What is Recommence?

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Re-trading is a business model in which used, refurbished or second Text Services -hand items are bought and sold at prices that are much lower than normal selling prices. This method, also known as second-hand sales, has started to become popular in our country with applications such as Dolap and Letgo.
In recent years, re-trade not only in Turkey but also all over the world has attracted a lot of attention from customers and brands. According to the 2022 report by online consignment and secondhand store thredUP , the number of brands and retailers offering their own “resale store” offerings has nearly tripled from 2020 alone to 2021.

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