The most effective marketing strategies

With the aim of finding ways to anticipate this context and continue promoting the growth of brands through effective marketing strategies. Therefore, rebold, a marketing and communication The most company of the ISPD group, has organized a new edition of Bold Conversations that has had place in the emblematic Sala Equis in Madrid. One of the protagonists of this event has been the study “How can brands combat inflation and future recessions?” , also prepared by Rebold, which analyzes people’s behavior and reveals key data to design marketing strategies in the current socioeconomic context. 

The importance of technology and data

José Luis Flórez highlighted this aspect, emphasizing the importance he has given to the consumer. “The ability to empower the consumer so category email list that they can do things that they couldn’t do before is very powerful.” Isabel Salazar shared how ManoMano has adapted to this process, looking for opportunities in the industry. The home sector is a very little digitalized sector, so it is a business opportunity. Understanding that there was this need to “supply digitally was what made us develop a B2B business.” To this, she added that they have observed how in Spain there is a change in attitude on the part of consumers. “People are equipping themselves with lower consumption appliances and there is greater interest in sustainable products.

Both must go hand in hand

What has been a surprise is that purely creative activities can be done in a practically automated way thanks to artificial intelligence Text Services technologies ,” added José Luis Flórez. After the debate, there was a space to answer questions from the attendees, where they reflected on the social commitment of companies, something that Oihana Parera commented that should not be an obligation, but rather a natural responsibility for them. «Companies are tools that we have to transform the world. Therefore, we were born with the purpose of making a more renewable world,” she concluded. Think carefully about the objectives and establish measurement methods that allow you to make that balance.

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