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 Location or device data. On a per-region basis. 2. Cookie-less tracking ga4 is designe to adapt to a future that doesn’t rely on cookie-base tracking. While ga4 does use cookies too. It also has the capability to work without cookies. To counter the missing cookies and data. Ga4 uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to fill the gaps and provide you with the complete picture. Top tip: read more about getting ready for a cookieless world in our dmi webinar. Ga4 does not log or store any ip addresses. Ga4 will also provide controls to disable the collection of google-signals data.

Location or device data

 Ensure people can navigate easily through your site and that it’s intuitive to use. It’s important that shoppers can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. That they remain engage while on your site. And that they generally have a wonderful experience. If google thinks your website offers visitors a poor experience. It may rank it lower. To improve ux. Ensure your site: loads quickly is mobile-friendly is clutter-free is easy to navigate includes ctas uses consistent styling is accessible 5: use a simple url structure when your e-commerce site has a simple url structure. It enhances the ux of your site. It improves your seo e-commerce efforts. As it provides more relevant data for latest database search engines. It also makes it easier to share products on social meia and other websites.

Customer-centric measurement

Customer-centric measurement is ga4 better at tracking users and customers compare to ua? Ga4 uses multiple ways of identifying customers to give a more complete view of users during their Text Services journey across multiple devices. Since the platform was built to track both websites and apps under a single platform. It will recognize when the same user that visits an ecommerce app to view some products. Adds them to a cart. But later finishes the purchase via a traditional desktop or mobile web. 4. Machine learning insights because ga4 is built with the power of google’s machine learning at its core.

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