Then set up a route in your app

The need to set up a webhook to handle the HTTP request sent by Twilio. First you need to configure the callback URL of the message in the Twilio console.  to handle these requests ruby require sinatra require twilioruby post sms do response Twilio TwiML Messaging do.

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your message end content_type textxml response.to_xml end Making a Voice Call Using the Twilio Ruby Spam Number Client Making a Voice Call You can easily make a voice call using the Twilio Ruby client ruby call client.calls.create url httpyourappaddresstwiml to recipients phone number from your Twilio phone number puts call.sid Handling a Voice Call Similar to receiving SMS handling a voice call also requires setting up a webhook.

Phone Number List

You can use TwiM Twilio Markup

Language to define the response of the call ruby require sinatra require twilioruby post twiml do  response Twilio TwiML Voice Response Canada Phone Number new do r r.saymessage Hello this is a call from Twilio r.playurl end content_type textxml response.to_xml end Conclusion The Twilio Ruby client provides developers with powerful and flexible tools that enable them to easily build a variety of communication applications.

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