To say it’s been frustrating

I decide to set up a drawing for them so they could work. On developing the plan for this project. Unfortunately we have a CAD. Product that base on my experience requires us to spend an enormous amount of time that could be cut significantly if we just change software. But even though over time the new software would pay for itself in savings from subscription fees, it’s that initial purchase price that in this economy is preventing me from changing over. So instead every time we draw something, we spend a lot of time generating the plans.  is a total understatement. Anyway, I finally today manage to get the plan set up for them to start. Although I never could get the linestyles to display right. And because I just cannot afford to spend more time with it, I am hoping the interns can figure out what is messe up with that.

Reviewing a Driveway Permit

Normally this would be handle by our building department since they issue. Driveway replacement permits. But last year we had a company come in–well it was more like a guy with a skidsteer. Who didn’t have a clue what he was doing–and in the process. Of trying to cut curb completely messe up a newly pave road. Why he waite until we complete the road to australia phone number cut curb and replace drives is still not evident. But the result was damage pavement because he didn’t properly perform this work. So now we are more cautious about letting anyone cut curb.

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School Zones Engineers

One of our  had noticd that some school zone signs remaine in areas. Where schools had move out of their buildings. He wonderd if we should remove the signs so I had our interns looking into this.  to determine where the city. Council had establishe school zones and discovere there seeme to be some school zones still in existance even though schools are no longer New Zealand Phone Number locate in those areas. And because we have had so much development in the past several years, there are areas with signd school zones that have not been establishe through ordinance.

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