Tutorial and guide to the most essential SEO tool

Tutorial and guide to the most essential SEO tool. In addition to the links that point to your website. After that, you will also be able to learn very valuable information about them , both individually and as a whole. You will also be able to observe the evolution of these links, to observe the evolution of your inbound link strategy and know if you are gaining or losing links, or if there has been a very drastic change that could arouse Google’s suspicions.

Setting up Google Webmaster Tools

Setting up Google Webmaster Tools. But before we get to work and start looking at each Google Webmaster Tools tool, I would like to show you some adjustments that, from my top people data point of view. will be essential to make (or at least very convenient) in the Webmaster Tools configuration. These options appear in the menu that appears when you click on the gear icon (in the upper right corner of a property’s control panel).

Receive notifications from Google

It is important that, as soon as you create your Google account. Therefore, you configure the “Search Console Preferences” section correctly to be informed as soon as possible of possible problems that may arise on your website. For this you will have to choose the language and the email in which you want to receive your notifications. Therefore, but above all you have to make sure Text Services to check the box that enables these notifications. As for the type of messages you can receive. I advise you to leave the “All problems” option instead of “Top problems”.

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