Twilio account SID and

Thenmessage console. Catcherror console.errorerror In this example we use process. TWILIOACCOUNTSID and process.env. TWILIOAUTHTOKEN to obtain theAuth Token. These environment variables should be set in your runtime environment for example in a  file. Environment variable management tool In order to facilitate the management and use of environment variables we can use some tools dotenv.

This library allows you to define

Environment variables in .env files and load them in your application. config This library provides more advanced configuration management functions supports multiple configuration file formats and can load different configuration files according to different italy phone number environments. Environment variable management tools Many operating systems provide command line tools for managing environment variables such as set Windows and export LinuxmacOS. Safety Precautions When using environment variables be sure to pay attention to the following safety precautions.

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Dont hardcode sensitive information

Into your code Always use environment Australia Whatsapp Number variables to store sensitive information like API keysThe and database credentials. Dont store environment variables in a version control system For example the .git directory. Use a safe way to set environment variables For example use an environment variable management tool instead of modifying the process.env object directly in code.

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