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According to a Bloomberg Businessweek survey, delivering an exceptional customer experience is the top priority. Target Image: In short, customers who have a positive experience are more likely to return and recommend your store to their friends. As important as a great customer experience is, most companies fail to deliver it. According to the report, of companies believe they provide an excellent customer experience. How many companies do customers think provide a great experience? Only eight percent. In addition, customer expectations are rising. As an eCommerce store, your job is to create an experience that makes every interaction simple.

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how do you do it Improve your store’s customer experience by leveraging customer feback and making changes. Customer feback is important because it provides insight to improve your business, product and overall customer experience. Feback can be us to attract new customers, nurture existing customers, drive repeat sales, and turn customers into Bulk SMS Vietnam advocates who spread your brand to their friends. Collecting and using customer feback is not a one-time event. This is something you should do regularly throughout the life of your eCommerce store. According to Customer Feback Tool, you should consider customer feback as your company’s most valuable.

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So how can you use customer feback to improve the customer experience? Step 4: Get Valuable Customer Feback Very few customers provide feback themselves. In fact, only dissatisfi customers complain. Others will reject criticism, while others will never return to your store. This means you have to prompt them to tell you how they feel. You ne this information to enhance and improve the customer experience. There are basically four ways to Text Services gather high-impact feback from your customers: Surveys Surveys are the best way to get data from your customers for three reasons: You can get feback directly from the source without guesswork or assumptions . For accuracy, you can customize the questions.

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