You is a new privacy-focused search engine

When students want to learn about a topic, they need reliable information from reliable educational sources. Study byte is a great alternative to Google Scholar, which only finds links from trusted educators You is a new privacy-focused search engine.

The site is completely free and does not track you or collect data. However, it saves your previous searches

Unfortunately, there are no results for Turkish blogs on the site (for now).

 Refine Search Results by Tags and Get a Summary or Preview

Occamm is trying to make a search engine more useful than Google, with the premise that people don’t always know what to search for. So when you search for a keyword on Occamm, you’ll see a list of results very similar to what you get on Google, but with that you’ll also get a set of tags.

These tags allow you to narrow your search by suggesting things you’re not looking for but are still Chile Phone Number List interested in finding. Choose up to four tags and Occamm will refine your search results to provide the information you want but don’t know how to search for. Each refinement creates a new set of tags so you can keep searching better each time.

Occamm also makes it easy to see if search results are relevant before clicking the link. Each result provides a brief preview of what the link will say, or alternatively an AI-generated page summary. You can also see related links on any link before clicking it. It’s time-saving and useful, especially if you don’t know the advanced tips, operators, and commands for Google Search.

 (Web): Best Search Engine for Code and Hackers

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It allows you to search in many different categories,  Text Services but the code-driven subsearch engine YouCode has really been in the spotlight lately.

YouCode, StackOverflow, Github, Code Complete etc. Prioritizes and lists code results from popular code sources such as By seeing previews of posts from these sites in search results, you make it much easier to find what you want. Also, by opening the code in a side panel where you can copy it, you can see the entire post without ever leaving YouCode.


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