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It helps you set your route, helping you identify peaks you want to climb and possible routes you can use to climb them. Women in : They’re coders, designers, bloggers, social media fans, and everything in between. They’re beer lovers, moms, intellectual seekers, travelers, writers, and educators. This article profiles some of the most influential women in the world. who are they? What did they do to drive the growing popularity? This post is not a tribute to popularity, but to those who really add value to the community.

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Median Powerful Sarah Gooding Helen Housandie Siobhan McCown Andre Middleton Jean Milo Andre Aaron Nick Michelle Sulpri Sarah Sabine Wilson Takano Son Seddar Torah Bill Laurel Van Fusen Now, let’s learn more about these important members of the community. is a developer and consultant from Texas, and she runs it. As a lecturer and Jordan WhatsApp Number List podcaster, I often give back to the community by speaking on . She’s known for writing great tutorials on the subject, as well as business advice for freelancers. One of her most memorable talks was her talk in San Diego on Lead Generation: How Writing a Blog Can Get You the Type of Leads You Want? You can follow through on.

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A volunteer moderator of support forums

You can find her website at . Also gives talks on Twitter around the world and reviews plugins in the plugin directory. One of her most famous speeches is her speech on: You are not code.Like the other influential women on our shortlist, she has given a lot of speaking engagements around the world. One of her most famous speeches comes from You can follow í on . Siobhan McCown Women in Yes Writer and Events Directo docs, talks, and Text Services even organized  like and such. One of the most famous speeches she gave at Lecture Europe: Turning Ideas into Reality. You can follow through on. Andre Middleton is a female in Portland, Oregon. She is a community organizer, helping organizers and their teams prepare events for the local community.

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