How to structure a Landing Page using Mind Maps

Discover how I use mind mapping tools to synthesize, organize and develop information for a Landing Page. Pssss, shall I tell you a secret? Something that I’ve only told a few people and not for nothing, but because I’m still working on it? Something that, of course, I will tell you first, for being part of this community and that may escape me in this post. Or maybe not. Who knows? Do you want to know?

A Landing Page is a “cute sales letter”

Not like little hearts next to the titles or flowers that mix roses with fuchsias. No. I mean that, in reality, the information you give on a Landing Page must follow a logical process, vertically, of arguments that lead you to a “sale” (or objective) . TRUE? And what are those arguments? What should you include? In what order? The answer to these questions can be decisive in the success industry email list of the Landing . Yes, I swear by Drilo and Huga the Turtle, he doesn’t know how to run and when he goes out for a walk he takes a long time to come back, come back…

How to use mind maps to structure Landing Pages

Having said all this, being clear how important it is and how complicated it is for us , I am going to show you a mental map of a Landing Page that I am designing , for the final postgraduate project on Growth Hacking that I am doing for IEBS and that I want it to escapeIt is a course that I will tell you about so don’t even think about Text Services going to lest you not finish the post. Breathe. Ains. MindMap Remote Teams In the video above I explain a little about the process I followed to create it and, well, you will see how good the Landing turns out very soon. hehehehe.

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