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While you’re at it, start building your team and your community of like-mind friends, colleagues, challengers, and advisors who give you feback. These people can also help identify blind spots you may not see, share advice and experiences, provide a reality check when you ne it, and most importantly, provide you with a team to connect with to celebrate wins big and small. Test Your Ideas With Other Entrepreneurs Some of the best sounding boards and empathetic voices can be found in others who are also on the go. Even if the other entrepreneurs you connect with are in the same industry (for example, you are both web designers), on rare occasions – client. the same market. You are more likely to complement each other in many ways.

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Your connections and interactions with these other people can be in-person, for example, at local meetups or meetups at a local co-working space. There are also a plethora of public and private groups, online forums, and forums, such as on , where other like-mind people gather. Try it out with others. Throw that crazy idea out there. connect them. Get Bahrain WhatsApp Number List some feback or encouragement from others who have been there or are also on that path. Relat: Types of Communities to Support, Mentor, and Grow Research Which Social Networks Are Most Relevant to Promoting and Engaging Your Ideas Stage is the right time to start doing some initial thinking around where your audience and prospects are digitally connect. Different social networks and online communities have different vibes.

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And different norms

This month, is a hot spot for users under the age of 10. Great for visual ideas. More restrain (but try not to be so). It’s for designers. Now is the time to start spending some time listening and learning in these different networks and doing some digital anthropology to understand norms and culture and what real interaction looks like in these networks. Once Text Services you pass the stage of your journey, you may spend some time in these places where you are starting to develop your career. Find relevant groups on or on , and do some early Q&A market testing during the stage to get some feback from other people is important.

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