Influencer marketing moves from big brands

But 2023 won’t be easy for social media marketing either, social media marketing strategies that want to be successful have to invest time and effort into carefully assessing opportunities, using a scalpel instead of an axe, and thinking about the long-term impact of short-term actions.
So what will be the social media trends in 2023? What awaits us in social media marketing? In this regard, the results of the survey Influencer marketing moves from big brands conducted by Hootsuite with 10,643 senior executives, managers and social media marketers from 109 countries and 11 different sectors will guide us.

Influencer Marketing

Small and medium businesses

As in the last few years , Influencer Marketing is still the first of the most important social media trends. But in 2023 we will see big brands pull back in influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is shifting from big brands to small and medium-sized businesses, according to the report. In the final months of 2022, many major brands have cut back on Croatia Phone Number List discretionary marketing spend, and they will continue to do so in 2023. Among these restricted budgets, sponsorship agreements and collaborations with Influencers with large budgets take the first place.

While this pullback in spending is a blow to the already volatile creator economy, it is seen as an opportunity for small businesses to compete for top creators at lower price points.

Increased Control Over Social Media Budgets

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We mentioned that every budget spent on brands in 2023 will be Text Services very valuable. Increasing investment in social media marketing is putting it out of the control of marketing executives alone, exposing it to scrutiny from higher-level executives. This shows that social media marketers need to focus more on their business goals. In addition, social media marketers who can accurately calculate and report the return on investment will be able to continue to receive the shares they want from the budgets. If you are not enough in this regard, you should train yourself correctly so that the alarm bells do not ring for you.

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