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Your first point of call is important when making your TikTok video. You need a word to grab people’s attention, a call to action. So how do you find the right hook for your TikTok video? You can check out TikTok’s Ad Library for more ideas on ads that work with the right hook

Attractive Hook Posts

You can review examples of successful ads from the TikTok ad library and start getting an idea of ​​the hooks that work. For example:

  • ‘I wish someone had told me about this sooner…’
  • ″If you are not using [product], you are missing out on a lot”
  • ″3 reasons why [product] is the best [issue to fix]”

Create a list like this, then test them with your products/services and see if they’re a good Poland Phone Number List fit or inspire video ideas.

You can also use ChatGPT to find additional ideas and variants . As you can see here, if you give ChatGPT a list of hooks it will give you a number of additional examples. Some won’t be as good, but it can be a quick and easy way to iterate on the concept and find more options for your TikTok creative.

Creating a clip

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Now that you have your hooks, you can create your videos to bring them to life.  (o Text Services r maybe animals, depending on the product). Experts recommend ‘doing something visually interesting in the first three seconds’ to grab attention. Presentation, style, and visually appealing arrangements and creative formats help you grab attention.

You should also focus on emphasizing how it will solve the audience’s challenges instead of describing the features of your product at length and/or using boring long product shots. Finding the right person for your clips is important, which is why many brands are using TikTok influencers and those closer to the platform and creating organic-style promotions. If you too want to explore impressive partnerships, TikTok has a Creators Marketplace for that purpose . You can have a look here.

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