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The content feed is built based on the Maximize Growth. Users’ interests and different data related to their activity. which we will see later in this guide. what is Google Discoverwhat is. Google Discover Differences. between Google Search and Google Discover. The main difference between the Google search system and the. Discover algorithm is that in the former ( Google Search ). It is the users themselves who decide to open the search. Engine and enter the terms for which they want to obtain information about it. On the other hand, in the second ( Discovery ).

The main difference Maximize Growth between the Google search system

It is the functionality top industry data itself that offers automatically updated content considered of interest to the user, assimilating to the operation of social network walls. Although there are differences, the positioning work in both channels falls to the SEO team. To personalize the content of Discover, Google is based on our activity (which is why it is necessary to be logged in with our user) in the different products of the Google ecosystem, such as our searches, videos watched on YouTube, interaction with news and web pages, history of locations, topics we follow.

Positioning work in both channels falls to the SEO team

Additionally, Discover uses entities to decide what information Text Services to show us . Therefore, the feed sometimes also suggests entities related to what we are consulting. Related entities block in Google Discover Related entities block in Google Discover Turn Google Discover on and off To activate Google Discover, just have a Google account and follow these simple steps (you can follow the steps step by step through the screenshots): Log in with your user Go to the account settings panel Go to Settings > General. Here you will find different sections that will allow you to personalize your username.

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