Re-commerce raises consumers

Re-commerce plays an important role in adopting sustainability and environmentally friendly consumption habits.

Today, climate problems have become more prominent, and we all know that one of the most important causes of global economic crises is climate crisis.
The global fashion industry causes significant greenhouse gas emissions in areas such as textile production. Energy consumption and transportation processes. In addition, the fashion industry has shortened the lifespan of clothes and increased. The amount of waste by constantly encouraging the production of new products with its fast fashion approach. This situation both consumes natural resources and increases the use of energy and water.

Contribution of recommence to sustainability:

Reducing Waste: Re-commerce contributes to reducing the amount of waste by enabling the reuse and recycling of used products. In this way, the amount of waste sent to the garbage is reduced Paraguay Phone Number List and environmental pollution is prevented.

Energy and Water Savings: Thanks to re-trade, energy and water consumption in production processes is reduced. Reselling used products reduces the need for the production of new products.

Enabling more efficient use of energy and water resources.

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Re-trading helps reduce Text Services greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing and shipping processes of products. Exchange of used products between buyer and seller significantly reduces the emissions associated with the production and transportation of new products.

Efficiency of Resource Utilization: Re-trade extends the life of products, making resource use more efficient. In this way, more products can be offered by using less raw materials and energy, and natural resources are protected.

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