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Nike recently announced that it will allow people to design their own sneakers and sell or wear them on the metaverse. Yes, we can say that in 2022, Metaverse fell behind expectations in spreading to a wide base. The biggest reason for this is increasing Strengthen Your costs and many brands are not completely sure of Metaverse’s return. However, many brands will continue to invest in Metaverse in 2023.

  Metaverse growth is slow but will continue to trend

In 2023, you will see many developments and changes in digital marketing. Take advantage of Survivor Digital’s expert power to get more efficiency from your marketing efforts and measurable performance results.

Why Survivor Digital?

Survivor Digital was implemented with more than 10 years of professional experience in brand and marketing management. As Google, Yandex and Facebook Marketing Partner Agency, we offer tailor-made solutions for your brand, especially with our digital power, and we project your brand’s branding journey with our analysis specific Bahamas Phone Number List to the sector in which your brand operates. Survivor Digital’s philosophy is to understand your brand and to bring the values ​​and services of your brand together with the target audience in the most accurate way. For this reason, we set out to determine what your brand needs and start the digital branding journey step by step.

Now take time for a free 30-minute digital analytics meeting and let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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With the social media special days  Text Services calendar of Survivor Digital Marketing Agency, you will not miss a special day in 2023! We updated the special days calendar that we published last year with new content and samples in 2023. We are here with a social media special days calendar where you will get much more efficiency .

Creating a social media content calendar is a time-consuming and challenging process. We know because we are going through this process one-on-one. While creating a content calendar, it is one of our most important goals to follow the hashtags that are of interest to the target audience and reach them organically. This is exactly why it is important to follow special days. Because it creates an opportunity to be

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