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In deeper reservoirs, oxygen deficiencies will initially appear near the bottom zone. Although fish may occasionally fee in anaerobic conditions, they will nee to move higher over time. The longer the ice sheet blocks access to oxygen, the higher the fish have to move. Over time, in extreme situations, they will be just below the surface of the ice. As a result, the fish will take very reluctantly, because they will take food very rarely. What do Corona Fishing specialists recommend – opinions about fishing in frozen reservoirs are different, and there is no doubt that it is much more difficult to find the right place.

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Where the fish will bite. The exceptions are sunburns, muddy, marshy areas that do not freeze during the winter, and estuaries. You have to Latest Mailing Database watch out for the former, because not all of them are expose, and the ice on them can be very thin. Then it is not difficult to accidentally and unintentionally bathe in cold water. If we are sure of the chosen place and checke the thickness of the ice, we can try fishing. As a rule, it is a place where the most diverse species of fish will naturally gather due to the good access to oxygen. The same is true for the mouth of a river.

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An when the ice begins to melt, the coastal zones become the perfect place to fish, because that’s where the life-giving oxygen appears the fastest. corona-The best winter fishing equipment according to Corona Fishing – opinions and tips We have Text Services already touche on the behavior of fish in the winter and places where you can find good areas for fishing, but what would a trip be without the right equipment and what Corona Fishing recommends – the opinions of our specialists boil down to the fact that good equipment is essential, but it should also not be forgotten that it must be adapte to the place of fishing.

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