The existence of millions of bot accounts

On Instagram, re-shared content is restricted from access. Therefore, posting content previously shared on another platform on Instagram is not recommended. Instagram prefers original and quality content and such content gets more attention. In a nutshell, Instagram wants original content.

 Non-original content will have less engagement on Instagram

Finally, low-quality content (e.g. low-resolution videos and images) also has limited access. Low reach is directly related to lower engagement, as this type of content doesn’t get as many views as high-quality content. So, if your content is poor, you’re likely to see Denmark Phone Number List a drop in your engagement on Instagram. However, on Instagram, poor quality content has been a big problem for years. Since Instagram is a visual platform, poor quality content is one of the most important factors that cause engagement.

Bot removal

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On Instagram is a secret everyo Text Services ne knows. In recent years, Instagram has hunted down these accounts and removed them from the platform. If you’ve noticed a sudden drop in your followers, it may be related. Instagram cleans thousands of bots and spam accounts. This can also affect the overall engagement drop, as bot accounts are more likely to engage with posts to gainInstagram has provided many ways to indicate that the post is not up to users’ expectations. The most basic metrics that Instagram is starting to take into account are muting and unfollowing accounts. Both allow more users to regularly purge their Instagram feeds to show only the content they want to interact with.

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