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This change is intend to improve the quality of search results and. Ensure that users receive the best possible results. HOW TO CONFIGURE. GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE TO REMOVE THE OPTION TO SET. A PREFERR DOMAIN To configure Google Search Console to remove the ability. To set a preferr domain, follow these steps. Log in to your Google Search Console account. Go to the Site Settings section. Select “URL settings” and check the “Don’t set preferr URL” box. Click the “Save” button to save your changes. Once you’ve complet the steps above, the option to set your preferr. Domain will be remov from Google Search Console.

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HOW TO USE GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE TOOLS FOR SEO OPTIMIZATION Google Search Console is a free tool offer by Google that allows website Azerbaijan Mobile Database owners to monitor and optimize their position in search results. This tool can be us for SEO optimization by providing information on how Google indexes a website and what keywords are us to find it. Google Search Console includes a wide range of tools that can help with SEO optimization. For example, the “Traffic reports” tool will inform the website owner about which pages are visit most often and what keywords l users to them.

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The “Crawl Reports” tool will help you identify pages that have not. Been properly index by Google and will provide information on what can be improv. The “Link Reports” tool will help you determine what pages link to your site and whether. Those links are valuable to SEO. Using Google Search Console tools can help in SEO optimization by Text Services providing information on what can be improv or improv in order to improve the positioning of a website. HOW TO USE DATA FROM GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE TO IMPROVE SEARCH RESULTS Google Search Console is a tool offer by Google that allows webmasters to monitor and improve search results.

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