This is where the importance of segmentation

For example, you searched the internet for black winter boots and visited a website. You have viewed the bots on the site, you have visited the product pages of more than one bot, but you left the  This is where the importance of segmentation site without purchasing anything. Later, while browsing Instagram, you saw the same website’s advertisement for a 20% discount on winter jackets. You’ll likely ignore the seller’s Instagram ad (unless you’re

Planning to buy a coat) because you’re being served irrelevant content.

This example stops the sales journey instead of taking the user further down the sales funnel. The key should be to deliver engaging content based on the customer’s predetermined shopping preferences and what they’re actually looking for.

How to Personalize Content?

Content personalization requires leveraging consumer data to deliver the most relevant content. By constantly monitoring and analyzing this data, brands can better understand Dominican Republic Phone Number List users’ interests and motivations. Research shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that offer a personalized experience. Yet another study found that 51% of retailers with an end-to-end personalization strategy achieved a 300% or greater ROI .

Creating personalized content seems ideal in theory, but how can you do it most successfully? First, as a marketer, you should know your target audience well.

Your audience likely has different wants and needs.

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Going back to the example of winter boots a little while ago, even Text Services though each one is “looking for black boots”, those who do this search will likely have different budgets and style preferences. Comes into play. Whether you’re using Google Analytics or another web analytics tool to monitor your website, you can group your audience segments into groups. By grouping audience segments and behaviors, you can create the types of content that each group will interact with the most.

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