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An it’s all thanks to a well-thought-out image campaign. Delicious Christmas Eve menu for companies – what dishes to choose? January 1, 2022 Office party Delicious Christmas Eve menu for companies – what dishes to choose? Company Christmas Eve is a special time for every employee and employer. A time fille with love and goodness. On such an occasion, it is worth remembering about each team member and preparing different dishes.

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Christmas Eve menu for companies should be varie in terms of dishes and additions, so that everyone can find something good for themselves. Christmas Eve menu for companies – where to start? Vegetarian Christmas Eve menu for companies database Dietary Christmas menu for companies Christmas Eve menu for international companies What to eat on Christmas Eve “standing up”? Christmas Eve menu for companies – where to start? Simply put: from the interview. If you run a large company that employs several dozen, several hundre people, it is impossible to know the food preferences of everyone. There may be employees.


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Who are vegetarians, vegans, but also those who are lactose intolerant or other ingreients. It is best to send a survey before Christmas Eve, in which employees will be able to mark which dishes they cannot eat. Then choose the right caterer Text Services that will provide you with a variety of dishes. You can also organize a Christmas Eve in a restaurant or hotel that will take care of all the important aspects of a successful Christmas Eve: the composition and temperature of dishes, preparation, setting up and cleaning. Dwór Korona Karkonoszy cordially invites you to its charming facility. This is the place where you can organize a beautiful employee Christmas Eve and match the perfect Christmas Eve menu for companies.

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