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Social media posts can have an indirect impact on search engine rankings. As shares and interactions increase, your content becomes more visible, backlinks and increasing traffic.

PPC Pay Per Click Advertising

Regular content updates: By regularly updating and refreshing your website content, you show search engines that you are constantly providing up-to-date and valuable information. This can help increase your rankings. Social media integration: PPC is an important component of insurance companies’ digital marketing strategy. PPC ads can be customized according to the target audience and can Afghanistan Phone Number List be used on platforms such as Google Ads and Meta Ads. PPC ads increase conversion rates, allowing you to get results in the short term.

Examples and statistics of use of PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising and other digital advertising for insurance companies:

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According to Google, advertisers receive a return of up to 200% of their spend on Google Ads. Insurance companies can reach potent Text Services ial customers by creating sponsored ads that appear above Google search results for target keywords. Google Ads allows you to monitor the performance of your ads and make the most of your budget.

Facebook – Instagram Ads:

According to Meta, 26% of ads on the platform encourage users to buy. Insurance companies can build brand awareness and reach potential customers by creating customized ads that appear in Facebook and Instagram users’ news feed and elsewhere. It is an effective marketing tool with meta ads, targeting options and image ad formats.

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