The use of Maverick allows e-commerce businesses to offer a more tailored service to their customers. In this way, you can serve your customers’ needs more appropriately and increase customer satisfaction.

Quickchat is a speech-enabled and multilingual AI assistant.

 It is powered by GPT-3, OpenAI’s cutting-edge language model, and can recognize and speak your native language. You can use Quickchat to automate your customer support, manage online applications, search the internal knowledge base, and more. This can be thought of as a true human-computer interface and applied to your website.
The working principle of Quickchat is quite simple. First, your customers engage with Quickchat through a digital channel such as a website or mobile app. Quickchat automatically detects your customers’ questions and guides them to give the right answers.

Quickchat eases the burden of your business’s customer service department and helps improve the customer experience. With Quickchat, you can instantly answer your customers’ questions, increase customer satisfaction of your business and ensure customer loyalty.

Quickchat can be a viable solution for businesses operating in any industry. If you want to reduce the burden on customer service and increase customer satisfaction, you might consider giving Quickchat a try. Quickchat is a paid tool. Prices start at $99. is a tool that allows you to create better quality and performing SEO content thanks to artificial intelligence technology. Working in +50 different languages, offers features such as keyword research, advanced artificial intelligence SEO score, content recommendations, competitor comparisons, real-time SEO guide. With these features, you can get better rankings and improve your content with creative and SEO friendly titles, outlines and topics suggestions. You can save time by speeding up your copywriting with AI-generated text and paragraphs. With, you can make your SEO work more efficient and gain an advantage in your business’s digital marketing strategies.

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