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TikTok ad specialist Savannah has a three-step formula for paid campaigns with additional iterations on a single concept. Even if you’re only publishing organic content, the process can still help you map out your content.

u should introduce your new ad content – ​​a new idea, new concept, etc. – you make it available. This is the first step, so focus on analyzing the results.

Then, if you’re getting what you want, i.e. you’re happy with the ad concept, test a second version of your original ad using the same concept and scenario and testing it with a new skill or a new hook.

TikTok Algorithm

Next, Savannah recommends creating a multiple UGC ad with many different people using the product. He explains it as follows; “I often find that showing multiple people in the product performs better than showing just one person”.

Following these stages allows you to run tests at each stage to weed out the bad ideas Russia Phone Number List and maximize the best, and you’ll get multiple variations on a single theme.

The TikTok algorithm is a recommendation system that determines which videos will appear on your page. TikTok itself describes its algorithm on the TikTok For You page as follows:

Making it easy to find content and creators you love… Powered by a recommendation system that presents each user with content that might be of interest to that user.

Because the TikTok algorithm focuses

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on delivering personalized content to each user, the algorithm takes into ac Text Services count a wide variety of personal interactive elements and it can be difficult to always get the same access. However, there are some key points that the TikTok algorithm also considers, and if you create content with attention to these, you can expand your reach.

  • Relevance is a factor – TikTok says post recommendations are usually drawn from videos posted in the last 90 days. So a “for you” video that appears in your stream is most likely content that was published within 90 days. TikTok also says that newly uploaded videos will usually peak in engagement shortly after they’re posted. Therefore, uploading new content regularly will increase your potential to maximize your reach.

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