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Assets as possible Such as the benefits or disadvantages of a certain product, specifics on how a product performs, or how the product is different from previous versions. Get to people who have actually us the products, and show what the product physically looks like or how to use it Include unique information beyond what the manufacturer provides – such as visual information, audio, or links to other content describing the reviewer’s experience Include comparable products, or explain This update will be rolling out in the coming weeks, and Google has warn that it may impact rankings for.

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Reviews on many websites. Google will  expand seo expate bd these updates beyond English, although it has not yet given any indication of when this will happen. Since high-quality reviews are becoming more and more important, Google publish an article on how to write high-quality reviews , helping potential customers discover your product reviews on Google Search and other Google platforms. Their main purpose is to help users find trust and reliable information, to guide them in their decision making process. At GA Agency, our multilingual team can help you develop your marketing strategies and mitigate any questions about Google updates that may impact your website.

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More about our marketing services , including Text Services SEO consultancy, copywriting and mia buying. Previous PREVIOUS What You Ne to Know About Performance Max Campaigns NEXT GA Agency Nam Finalist at the European Search Awards TikTok Confirms -Minute Videos: Why & How Will Users React? Reading Time: minutes March , One of the biggest social mia trends right now is short videos, with TikTok taking the lead and showing the competition how to do it, becoming a video service in its own right in recent years. Short videos have many benefits, such as increas watch time due to the length of the video, higher engagement, and attracting a younger.

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