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He social world Celebrity Marketing in the time of Coronavirus April , In Digital & Social Now is not the best time for Celebrity Marketing. Here are some tips on using influencers in the time of the Coronavirus crisis. In normal times, celebrities help increase sales by imbuing brands with desir values ​​and attributes. The strategy is proven. The results are true. But these months are not normal timesThe rankings of the digital world that give no information November , In Digital & Social Rankings, made attractive by information design.

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With rankings and data every day. The advent seo expate bd of information design in Italy in recent years has strengthen this trend already present in the digital world. We are present with authoritative metric evaluations with variables that however remain hidden. The algorithms that structure the data allow these rankings to be form, but what are the elements taken into consideration? Does only the quantitative data count or also the qualitative one? And how do these two aspects intertwine in the rankings? What weight do they have? The element that always surprises me is the performance ranking of Italian universities.

These rankings are

Ysually releas close to the time of registration and Text Services differ greatly in the data offer. So for example, university A can be first in one ranking and even outside the Top Ten in others. In fact, what always remains mysterious in these researches are the parameters measur, the percentages attribut and how the data are intersect with each other. Does have become the new mantra for marketers and advertisers. But how is the data combin? That’s when they are useless or even invent. only record time to graduation count or also the time ne for job placement? And if we take them both into consideration.

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